Everyone wants a strong woman until they see how strong she is.
She will not be broken.
She doesn’t hesitate when it comes to protecting her peace and does so by any means.
You see, everyone wants a strong woman until they see she’s stronger than they thought.
Her love cannot be bought. 
She doesn’t mean to intimidate, but she remembers what life was like when she was weak.
She decided that life wasn’t for her anymore.
Instead of waiting for a hero, she saved herself. – R.solo

The strength and security is intimidating to some, sure.

But for those who are meant to stay, those worthy of her time and space, those people will look past the strength and see the softness too.

They’ll see the compassion.
They’ll see the love. They’ll see the vulnerability.
They’ll see the tenderness.

And they will recognize the beauty in the full package.

Those are the ones she will keep around. Those are the ones she will allow in her inner circle.
And while those may be a very rare find, those are the ones she will fight for no matter what, knowing they would do the same for her.

Had to add my own spin on the end of that beautifully fierce quote to make it feel complete for me. ❤

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