“I used to think it was some extravagant thing, but now I realize it’s just your life.”

I was talking with a client earlier this week about how her lifestyle has been shifting. Her perspective has changed and she now looks at life very different than she used to. She made a note that everyone should always work with me for at least six months because she thought she was making breakthroughs before but this is a whole new level.

I explained that it’s like a muscle. Being able to pay attention enough to actually SEE purely is not something you can just turn on like a switch, it’s something you must work at, strengthen everyday, test, flex, grow.

And with it comes a new sense of calm that I have never really been able to describe accurately. It’s a feeling all of my clients get to at one point or another and when they start to notice it, they seem to call me up totally ecstatic with no idea how to even explain what they’re experiencing but they know it’s beautiful and they know it’s a destination they have probably been looking for their entire lives whether they realized it before or not. It’s one of my favorite moments to experience with them.

In this particular conversation she was talking about how she used to perceive my lifestyle. Like it was some extremely extravagant, unreachable thing that I somehow magically conjured up for myself.

I mean, I am a pretty magical creature so I can understand how it may look like that from the outside looking in. 

Realistically, it’s all just been by design. Every move has been made by choice. Every action with intention. Every day carried out with my vision in mind. And true to form, whatever you focus on becomes your reality. And when you mix intentional action with diving deep into everything that makes up who you are as a human being with it, you truly can create whatever it is that you want.

And hearing her realize that what I’ve created IS possible for her too. To hear her realize that she’s already well on her way and in many ways, she’s already living it. She just has to keep going. Keep embracing it. Keep waking up every morning with the vision in her mind. Keep going to bed every night with the vision in her mind. Keep going through every motion of the day with pure intention. And whatever it is she desires in her mind’s eye will become her reality.

Talk about a beautiful moment to experience.
Talk about a truly humbling moment for me.
Talk about a brilliant reminder of what I have created virtually out of “thin air”.
Talk about a great booster to keep going, keep building, keep digging deeper.

This life is so much more than what you see on surface level, but for those of you who are truly paying attention you can see that I show you all of the steps.

I talk about them all. I show you everything I do. I show you the routine. I talk to you about the dirty, ugly, uncomfortable work I do every day to uncover old patterns and scars so I can correct them. I show you the struggles. I show you the wins. I show you the entire process. It’s just a matter of how you choose to view it.

Do you view it as some magical gift that I was blessed with but no one else could ever obtain?

Or do you view it as a road map? As a tool to help you pave your own path? As a way to open your own mind to overcome your own circumstances and create your own reality?

It will always come down to what you choose to see.

Two people can look at the same image and see two completely different things. What they see is a direct result of where they are in that moment. Not physically where they are, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually. If they are surrounded by demons or light. If they are lying or being honest. If they are pure or muddy. If they are open or closed up behind walls. All of these things play into what you choose to see.

So keep that in mind as you’re going through life. If you’re getting a negative reaction to something you’re seeing, ask yourself why? Because it’s about you. Not them. Those are the things you need to shine the flashlight on and dissect. Those are the things that will reveal things you didn’t even know were hiding inside of you.

That is the work that truly transforms. And sadly enough, that is the work that most people won’t ever do.

So you thought all I did was help people get shit done and be more productive?

I hope you can see now how much you’ve been overlooking. Because that is only 10% of the transformation we create. It’s a piece of the puzzle, yes. But it’s not even close to being the most important part. You can’t have true calm and productivity without the rest of the things I’ve been describing in this whole blog.

That’s the secret sauce friends. That is the ticket. The ticket that most aren’t willing to obtain or dive into.

Did any of this speak to you? Did you find yourself thinking “YES! That is what I’m missing”?

Shoot me a private message right now and let’s talk about it. I have 2 openings coming up for private coaching and if you’re ready to make the second half of this year fucking count, then I suggest you send that message.

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