Control what you can control.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the past few years was to stop letting shit that was out of my control upset me.

It’s not an easy switch to make but it’s one that will literally set you free.

You see, you can’t control other people’s actions so trying to will just leave you chasing your tail and frustrated…and probably super disappointed.

You also can’t control people’s reactions to what you do or what you say. But what you CAN control is your own reactions, your own actions.

So, if your focus is on being the best version of yourself every day, in every action…then what else is there to worry about?

Well, there are plenty of things to worry about, I know. But what I mean is, when you start to focus inward on what YOU are contributing and getting clear on who YOU are and spend less time worrying about everyone else… your life WILL shift.

Your stress will go down.
Your ability to flip your mindset at any time (to avoid a bad day or bad mood) becomes much easier.
And you learn to focus your time and energy on what you can control… which is YOU.

And the ripple effect that comes from that… well, it’s breathtakingly beautiful sometimes.

That’s what the gym has taught me.

I feel like it’s something I was already perfecting prior to the first time I decided to step foot into the gym but committing to building something that only I was in control of… that has completely changed the game.

And its opened my eyes to the fact that that is where 99% of the answers lie…in mastering the art of controlling yourself first.

Because when you’re prepared mentally, physically, and emotionally every single day…that’s what makes you an unstoppable force.

And I don’t know about you, but I thoroughly enjoy being a force to be reckoned with😏

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