13 coaches hired and close to $90,000 spent.

Business, Lifestyle, Mindset, Nutrition, Life, & Energy Coaches. Intuitive healers. Energy readings. Personal Trainers. Money Mindset sessions. Meditation training.

I started investing in coaching before I was making any money online.

I had recently left my $60k a year, salaried position and had no backup plan.

I paid for my first coach with cash I was scraping together by doing random freelance work for body shops and small businesses in my area.

I hustled during the day to run their businesses, projects, and marketing, then would work on building my knowledge, skills, and expertise with the information I was learning from my coach in the evenings.

Susie Romans was my first coach. I found her through a blog post I ran across on Pinterest about building an online business. I inquired, we had a call, and I almost peed my pants when she told me the cost of her services. We got off the phone and I just knew I had to make it happen. I knew this was what I needed to do to get started, to build a world unlike anything I had ever experienced…or knew how to create for that matter.

So I made the investment. I was terrified when I gave my first payment to Susie. I literally cried and almost puked all at the same time. But you see, when you back yourself in the corner and you have no choice but to make it work, you do.

When you take a leap like that, you’re betting on YOU.
You’re not betting on your coach, you’re betting on YOU.

I didn’t really understand that at first, but what I did know was that I was NOT going to let that money and/or the knowledge she was pouring into me go to waste. So I worked. I worked hard. I committed to being honest with her and following through on everything she put in my actions list each week.

As we worked through building my business and getting some traction on my brand, I ran into other blocks… like “how do I focus on other areas of my life too?” or deeply rooted mindset issues around money, self-worth, alignment, health, etc.

Which of course led me to other coaches and programs and trainings. I have always just followed my path, what I felt like I needed, did as much “self learning” as possible, and when I was beyond my own means, I hired someone who knew more than I did. And every single time I turned into a sponge and dove straight in, head first into whatever it was I had come to them to learn.

$90k is a lot of fucking money but I don’t regret spending one cent of it. Because it’s expanded everything in my world. It’s helped mold me. It’s helped me take my previous skills and maximize them. Its helped me amplify my natural, God-given traits, skills, and attributes. Its helped me more than double my business year after year. And Its helped me wake up every day in a world I never knew I could have.

So why doesn’t that number freak me out?

Because I bet on me and I’ve not let myself down. Not once have I let myself down when it came to making the most out of the money, the tens of thousands of hours, and more energy than I could even calculate that I have INVESTED in myself.

That word is really the KEY difference.

If you look at it as something you can’t afford, you’re right. And you’re not ready, nor will you make the most out of the money anyways.

When you look at it purely as an investment, that’s when it works. When you look at it as a tool, a leap of faith, something to catapult you, That’s when you’ll commit to being ruthless in the pursuit of what your soul is screaming at you to go get and you’ll never let that investment be squandered.

That’s why I believe in coaching.

Because I know what it can create.
Because I’m humble enough to know that I don’t know everything.
Because I will always be a student first.
And overall…Because I BELIEVE IN MYSELF.

P.s. I’m not saying you don’t believe in yourself if you don’t spent more than most people’s salary on coaching.

I’m not saying you’ll never grow and succeed if you don’t invest in this much coaching.

But what I do know is having someone who knows more than you to help build your skills, expand your energy, prepare you to handle all the changes that come along with it, and increase your overall power WILL push you forward faster than most. And it WILL keep you there. The foundation to not only be creating it, but to keep it LASTING.

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