I remember a time when going to the gym was the last thing I ever wanted to do. When cancelling a training session was always an option when my day was going bad or I wasn’t feeling well.

Oh how things have changed…

Now, the worse the day, the worse I feel, the more I want to be in the gym. The more I want to put my headphones on, stare myself in the face, and prove to myself how strong I really am.

Today I feel like a zombie.
Pouring myself into my clients for over 16 hours this weekend drained me (and lit me up, but energy hangover like whoa).

On Mondays at 3pm I train legs. That’s just what I do. No matter what. No matter how I feel or how tired I am, it’s what I do.

It’s also my heaviest workout all week. And my trainer is out-of-town so no one would have known if I didn’t go. And based on the amount of work I’ve done the past 5 days, no one would have blamed me for not training today.

I could have moved it. I could have skipped it. But I knew I needed it. I needed to flush out the fog. I needed to stare myself in the face and remember what I’m made of.

And that’s what I did. Didn’t even think twice about it. I was about an hour in when I thought to myself “Fuck. 6 months ago, I would never have done this.”

And while I could barely hit the clutch to back out of my parking spot by the time I was done, I felt so much better. I felt accomplished and completely mentally stronger than I did before I went in.

Mission accomplished.

I work out to feel better… looking better is just a pleasant bi-product.

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