Originally Published May 28, 2018

“I know, I know… My life is so glamorous”…

I’ve caught myself saying this a few times lately, sort of poking fun at myself as I’m conducting my daily life… you know meal prepping or spending my holiday weekend working and organizing my house. Like this morning…it’s Memorial day and someone texted me asking, “What are you doing?” And I thought to myself as I was walking through the grocery store… “Man, my life is so glamorous” and I laughed out loud.

But then as I was driving home I got to thinking… My life actually IS pretty damn glamorous if you want to break it down. Just because I handle business when business needs to be handled and that might not always look like loads of fun, it’s what fuels my glamorous life. It’s what allows me to have this lifestyle.

Do I live in a mansion? Well I sort of used to but I made an intentional choice to move to a smaller, quaint house as I worked on building ME. And it’s been the PERFECT place for me to do that.

Do I jet all over the country whenever I want to? Yes, actually I do tend to jump on a plane and go wherever I want whenever I want to. It doesn’t happen as frequently as I may sometimes want but that’s also an intentional choice. I choose to be here and take care of my family or deal with a double knee replacement for my pup or whatever the responsibility may be at the time.

I basically give myself whatever I want and/or need in life. I get to spend time building my life, taking care of my family, building my body, having the best coaches and trainers out there, having perfectly crafted mermaid hair, etc. Hell I even dedicated an entire bedroom to creating a massive walk in closet/dressing room in my house!

To a lot of people that all seems really glamorous. To me, it’s just want I’ve always envisioned and has since became my normal. SO from time to time, I have to remind myself that I AM living my lifestyle by design. This is all because I make the decisions like staying home on a holiday weekend to get caught up. Every choice reaps the benefits of a lifestyle I am truly in love with.

And sometimes we just have to step back for a second, adjust our perspective, and stand engulfed in gratitude at what we’ve created and what we’re actually surrounded with.

Life is good. My level of “glamorous” is on the up-level lately and that may be part of my questioning all of it, but that just means I’m doing something right. When you notice that you keep moving forward and upward, you know you’re onto something.

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