People will always show you who they are.

How often do you actually listen?

Even if you can see their potential, until they see it they are exactly who they keep showing you they are right now.

I used to be very bad at this. I fell in love with potential and it left me brokenhearted with disappointment over and over.

This is something I have drastically changed over the past couple of years and started putting serious boundaries around but every once in a while someone still creeps through.

Someone my soul decides to attach to and keep around for way longer than it should and put up with more than I allow from anyone else. In hopes that maybe this time they’ll see it too and it will be good.

Sometimes it works but the harsh truth is, most of the time it doesn’t.

I’m not saying don’t help or get close to anyone that’s not already perfectly put together, but I am saying that you need to follow your instincts. You know in your core when someone’s stringing you along.

Take off the rose-colored glasses and spare yourself the disappointment. It’s not worth it.

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