I missed the first alarm, woke up around 6 and said “nope” and went back to sleep. When I finally did rise, I walked into a messy kitchen, dishes in the sink, tools from fixing the light yesterday on the table, planner spread open with this week’s menu for my meal prepping on the counter lining out the food I was supposed to cook last night but didn’t.

I moved on to the bathroom where Bonnie had apparently tried to ball up the rug during the storm last night and left brown fuzz and pieces of carpet all over the floor, then notice there’s a hair extension that fell out yesterday (I’m way overdue for a new set) lying on the floor next to the trash can because I apparently missed in my attempt to throw it away during my rushing out the door to an appointment yesterday.

As I sat there doing what everyone does when they first wake up (peeing for what feels like a year) I looked around and laughed at the utter mess my physical world looked like at that moment. I then looked in the mirror at my tired eyes, high-water pj’s that shrunk in the dryer, and weird ball of hair on the side of my head that was a bun when I went to sleep and laughed because THIS IS REAL LIFE.

I was almost embarrassed by the mess (even though no one could see it but me) then I remembered WHY it looked like this.

Because I stayed at a family BBQ way later than expected on Saturday so I didn’t get to do my normal “household chores” that I do each weekend. But throwing a ball with my niece and cousin was more important and my heart was so full when I got home that I didn’t even care.

Because I had such an off-the-wall-week after dealing with a seriously terrifying and stressful family emergency last week that I didn’t get a chance to prep for a big photo shoot I had yesterday in advance so that took precedence over the household chores when I got home late on Saturday.

Because after nailing that shoot yesterday I chose to reward myself with a giant ass cheeseburger instead of coming straight home and eating chicken and rice from the fridge.

Because I allowed myself to proceed to sit in one of the smallest, most comfortable bars in our town, drinking nearly 2 gallons of ice water while dissecting the ins and outs of televised poker tournaments, laughing my ass off with a new human that I actually enjoy, and not having a fucking care in the world…for over 6 hours I might add. And when I got home last night after 11 pm and couldn’t stop smiling so again, worth it.

So no, the house did not get cleaned and the meals did not get prepped and to add to it, the dogs don’t have food either so they got a feast of chicken and rice this morning as well.

Does this mean that I’m not a high performer?
Does this mean that I have no right to tell anyone how they should run their lives more efficiently?
Does this make me less of an expert on how to create your own amazingly rewarding, productive, and kick ass lifestyle?

Nope. Not even a little bit.

It actually makes me MORE of a high performer and
MORE of a shining example of how you should run your life.

Why? Because before the end of the day today (which is going to be filled with client work, a 90 minute massage, visiting two new beautiful babies that have come into my life, gym, food, and cooking) everything will be back in order and nothing will go unhandled in the process.

Life happens guys.
It happens to all of us.

And while I know a lot of you seem to think that I have super powers and my life is perfect, I tend to forget that unless you’re a die-hard member of my snap family or my dogs, you don’t all get to see that my life isn’t even close to being “perfect”….it’s just as real as yours. I just choose to handle it a little differently than most.

Because when you operate in a place of intention and follow the routine the majority of the time, you CAN act from a state of flow and follow whatever your soul is telling you it needs in the moment and nothing has to suffer. Your world doesn’t crumble and things keep moving forward in a constructive way.

It all comes down to the foundation you have in place.
If it’s there, nothing crumbles.

I will never stop telling you how important the foundational items are to every single area of your life because I can give you a million examples of WHY IT WORKS. And this is just a little peek into the real life picture of my world this morning so you can see for yourself why your main priority should always be the foundational pieces. They hold everything else together… and if you do it right, they allow you to truly BE PRESENT in the moment and enjoy every second!

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