Real talk: these past two weeks have been a whirlwind.

One moment it feels like it’s been forever and the next moment it feels like it’s just been a day.

The month of May is typically a very full month for me, so I came into it expecting this but this year, it’s been on a whole new level.

Chaos used to be my normal.
Every day my life was a whirlwind and I thrived inside it.

Now, I’m not a fan. It’s not the state I choose to be in so it’s funny when life happens and the chaos tries to swirl in.

It doesn’t work anymore.
It doesn’t get to take over anymore.

It’s almost like I’m standing in the middle of a raging tornado but I’m calm. I’m standing firmly. And when I envision it, the wind slows down and there I am in the center with all the debris floating mid air around me. I look around and realize that all these things, while they might be more than normal or things that weren’t supposed to happen or circumstances that are out of my control… all of these things are being handled. I’m on top of it all and my energy is in control of it all.

Do you have any idea how powerful that is?

To realize that even when every situation is hanging mid air and there are thousands of plates spinning, you’ve got them all under control?

It is ridiculously empowering.

And it is pure proof that this works. It all works. When you focus most of your energy inward, it allows you to create this calm and control in your environment that is incredible.

What do I mean?

I mean focusing on YOU. On yourself.

Before all things, even when shit is hitting the fan around you, you keep your focus on YOU and what YOU need.

That is what allows you to serve everything around you. Without chaos. Without burnout.

So how do I make sure I focus on me?

I journal every morning. I write my reality as if it already exists.
I write my intentions for the day.
I start everyday with yoga.
I take time to meditate throughout the day.
I make sure I’m fueling my body properly with good food.
I stay hydrated.
I get enough sleep. Every night.
I don’t skip the gym. No matter what.

These are all things that I do every day. They are also usually the first things people throw to the side when life gets “busy”. And that is literally the most counterproductive thing you could do.

I allow myself the space and the grace to listen to my own intuition every step of the way.

And when I do this, when I make all of those things a priority, I am my most powerful.

I am literally indestructable.

I have my moments where I stop for a minute and I just want to quit and give into the chaos, because I mean, that WOULD be understandable, right?

But those moments are just that…moments. 60-90 seconds where I allow myself to feel the frustration or chaos that used to be my normal and then my tools kick in and I push that shit out and go back into my state of calm.

Because it’s in that state of calm that the real magic happens.

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