Being a strong woman who sticks to her morals, her desires, and doesn’t tone down what makes her who she is, isn’t always easy.

In fact, it’s difficult most of the time. Because most people don’t understand you. And most people try to make you feel like you’re wrong for being the way you are.

It would be a lot easier to just give in, hush up, and be whatever other people want you to be… but that would also kill that fire in your soul that makes you who you are in the first place, and that simply is not an option.

So, you acknowledge the hard moments when they come. You acknowledge the strength you possess every time you refuse to settle or give in, and you walk away… maybe a little disappointed but always knowing that staying true to who you are is ALWAYS a better option.

Here’s a link to a video going further in depth on how being a strong woman isn’t easy: click here.

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