Mentally preparing for the week is a must do Sunday ritual.

Meals ready.
Week planned.
Laundry done.
House cleaned.
Routines done.

But I’m laying here thinking about how it will all play out. Creating the reality of it all. Speaking it all into existence.

I don’t just plan for tasks, meetings, and appointments. I plan my fitness. I plan my self-care. I plan my meals and snacks to coordinate with the calorie intake I need on certain days.

I also set very deliberate intention around the vibes, the productivity, the manifestations, and mindset for the way the week is going to play out.

Does that mean I’m planning my moods: no. That means I’m prepared and centered and self aware so that when whatever is going to come at me comes, I’m ready for it and it doesn’t disrupt the world domination and alignment I’m working towards. 

Anyway, I just wanted to leave you with that thought. If you think the week’s going to be crazy, you’re right.

If you plan for it to be productive, it will be.

Intention says it all.

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