Let’s talk about my client, Sam, for a minute…

There are 100 things I could list in the category of places she’s made massive shifts and has been reaping the benefits of from watering those seeds every day…it’s been seriously amazing to watch.

BUT this right here is my favorite kind of win.

When it comes to starting your day off right, it’s a NON NEGOTIABLE as far as I’m concerned.

A solid morning routine starts the night before but with running 2 businesses and having 2 kiddos, getting to bed on time, let alone preparing for the next day just wasn’t happening in her world. And therefore, her morning routines were off. They were hit or miss. And then they were on, that meant rushing to get it done before her daughter woke up and barely spending any time together before the day began.

Because like most people (and parents) that I work with, trying to fit in a new routine when you also have kids almost seems impossible and so instead of being in a state of flow and having this process be the stage setting, invigorating experience it’s supposed to be, it turns into a chore…another stress…another thing you have to fight to fit into your life.

And some days it might be, but most days it CAN’T BE. If your mindset work is just another item you’re just checking off the list or it’s something that stresses you out…Then you’re missing the point and THAT is why it’s not working. And ultimately a massive part of why you’re not feeling clear, calm, and productive throughout your day.

Okay so back to Samantha… because she’s DETERMINED to balance everything she wants and continue to build from a pure state of intention she kept trying new things to make this routine thing work for her (trial and error really is a big part of it until you find what’s truly in alignment for you).

And now her mornings are calm. Her bedtime routine is on point. She’s actually sleeping. And what’s even better??? She found a way to incorporate her kiddos into her morning routine with her! So not only is she actually getting her mindset work in, she’s TEACHING her kids the way. She’s SHOWING them that it’s possible to choose your own life and be in control of how your day plays out.

And THAT is my favorite part. Because not only do I help people improve their own lives, but when it’s also affecting their families, it’s amazing. AND when I see it teaching another generation things I wish I would have known at that age, my heart explodes!💙

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