“It’s the mindset stuff that’s missing. The weekly mindset talks and getting different perspectives. That’s why this works and the change is so deep.”

I was talking with a client recently and as we were discussing the difference in various styles of learning and growth, he explained his observations and offered that little nugget above and he couldn’t be more on point.

That’s exactly why I structure my coaching the way I do. So many people try to make a blanket statement or a one-time coaching meeting and think that’s going to make lasting transformation in their clients and it’s just not the case… not in the majority of situations at least.

First of all, there is no “one way”, cookie cutter way to help everyone. People are different and while the base of what you’re teaching may be the same, it will not be delivered in the same way and explained in the same scenarios to each person. Because what works for one person may not work for the other person.

Secondly, making lasting change takes time. It takes consistently making an intentional decision in order to get the result you’re looking for. And most of the time, that desired result will require making a different choice than you’re used to. And making those different choices is really fucking hard sometimes…most of the time actually. Especially when it’s still something new to you.

Which is why this third point is so important. Accountability and perspective. When you’re making big shifts in your life, it’s extremely easy to slide backward or veer off track. It’s also exhausting and easy to get caught up in emotions and uncertainties and be unable to see clearly what’s going on and even more importantly, WHY it’s going on.

But when you have a coach who’s committed to going along this journey with you, they hold you accountable. They offer outside perspective. They help you see the lessons, make the shifts, identify the changes you need to make. They are there for you because let’s face it, none of this shit is easy. Simple? Maybe. But certainly not easy.

Which is where coaches come into play. To stand in your corner as you implement the necessary change and get out of your comfort zone. After all, you know that’s where you have to be if you want to achieve greatness.
Still not sure if hiring a coach is right for you? What if I hosted a free live call where I could answer any of your questions about working with a coach? Or how to find the right one? Or what to expect? Basically anything you want to know about the subject.

If you’re interested, comment below: “Do the call!”
And If I get enough interest, I will schedule it for ya’ll!

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