You’re working on yourself…maybe you’re building a brand or even a business…You want your purpose to reach everyone it can. You want to make an impact, right?

Real talk, in the online space we all know that likes, comments, and shares are a big part of what we do.

You want your tribe to interact. You want your message to get in front of as many people as possible…you’re grateful when people hit that “like” button because you know how helpful that one little like really can be in the grand scheme of things.

But then what do you do? You read other people’s content and don’t hit like. Content you obviously enjoy because you reference it in conversations, yet you don’t show them love. Scarcity much?

Think about it. You’re consuming someone’s content, you enjoy it, and maybe even take away something valuable from it but you don’t let them know?

Like you don’t want to give them anything that might build them because you want to build? Or what is the deal? (Again: scarcity)

I’ve literally been fascinated with this mentality for a while now and out of curiosity I’ve asked several people why they hoard their “like” button and the responses are insane.

“I don’t want to seem weird for liking all of their stuff.”
“I don’t want other people to see everything I like”
“They don’t want to hear from me”

DUDE! Can you see what is SO incredibly off about every one of those statements. People are blocking their own success in so many ways and they don’t even realize it!

First off, if you don’t stop caring what other people think, you’re never going to have what you truly want. So knock that off and get over yourself. No one care whose shit you’re liking. Do you.

Secondly, do you really expect the universe to deliver you an abundance of traffic, online growth, and a dedicated tribe when you’re acting from such a place of scarcity in the exact same realm? It doesn’t work that way. You’re literally blocking your own growth.

Third, interacting with like minds WILL impact you in a positive way, no matter how you’re doing it. They do want to hear from you. They’re people want to hear from you. So speak up and be seen!

Like attracts like.

Moral of the story: when I say dissect everything, I mean EVERYTHING.

Because it all effects each other. Every word, thought, or action is attracting or deflecting something. Raise your state of awareness and Lifestyle design to the next level friends.


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