Apparently there’s this strange situation in my gym where I’ve become the “mystery girl” and people keep cornering my trainer when I’m not there and questioning him about me. Seriously, I can’t make this shit up.

Now if you met Brent (my personal trainer) you’d understand that he’s super straight forward, means business, determined, and focused dude. Doesn’t talk shit. Always takes action. No nonsense kind of guy. So when various guys in the gym started coming up to him while he was working out alone and asking about me, his responses were hilarious.

“So what’s the deal with that girl you train?”

Brent: “I don’t understand the question.”

“You’ve been working out with her several days a week for a really long time.”

Brent: “Yeah.”

“It’s like 3 days a week, right?”

Brent: “Yeah.”

“Well… who is she? What does she do?”

Needless to say, the conversation stopped there.

Of course him and I had a good laugh about this because it happened 4 separate times with 4 separate people within a month.

Weird, right?

Let me paint you a little picture… I have been working out at 3 pm M,W,F with Brent for 2 years. We alternate on when the 4th day is but for 2 solid years we’ve rarely steered from that M,W,F schedule.

We don’t really talk to anyone else while we’re there. I come in, throw my hair in a ponytail and we work. He kills me. I lift heavy manly amounts of weight and then leave.

Which apparently is a mystery.

Brent took vacation for a week earlier this month so I trained the same time on the same days but just did it solo.

I noticed everyone notice but I’m not there to socialize so I just kept to myself, headphones in, doing my thing.

By Friday that week one guy seemed to end up next to me every time I moved stations. So eventually conversation started, I could avoid it no longer.

Now it’s not what you think, he wasn’t hitting on me. Not at all. And I’m also not some mean anti social woman who doesn’t want to talk to people ever either. But please let me explain…

He wanted to know if I had “finally decided to start working out solo”. Which I now understand is what the mystery is all about.

Apparently it’s not normal for someone to pay to workout with a trainer 4 times a week for 2 years. Apparently most people don’t do that. They have a trainer to learn and then go on to do their own thing. Since I had been doing that, it must have meant I was a model or someone super duper important, right?

Realistically, it is a very large financial investment. But to me it’s worth it because I know I get results. No plateaus. No bad form. No skipping days. No not pushing myself. The way I look at it, if I’m going to invest the time to go, I’m going to make sure I’m getting the most out of that time I possibly can. Which is why I value Brent so much.

He ensures I get the result. Yes, I am physically doing the work. But he’s making the plan, he’s counting the reps, he’s tracking, he’s telling me what to do.

And in a world where I’m basically in charge of everything else in my space all the time, to be able to go into the gym and not have to prep or plan or even think for that matter, it’s a huge breath of fresh air every time I go.

I’m not the coach there, he is. And I apparently like that transfer of power.

So while I’m glad I now know why everyone was so intrigued to figure out “what my deal is”, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Once again my life doesn’t fit into the box and it’s mind-boggling for everyone that notices.

That makes me smile. Because how sad would it be in this life that I’ve worked so hard to perfectly design to fit my unique wants and desires looked just like everyone else’s.

Yet another piece of proof from the universe that I’m following the right path. And that my friends is a beautiful thing! 

 Lifestyle Design.

Don’t you think it’s time to start designing yours on your terms too?

One thought on “What’s The Deal With That Chick You Train?

  1. Super smart. I get paid to write content for personal trainers, so I know some of the pitfalls of trying to figure out how your body needs to move acutely in order to target the exact areas a person is trying to shrink and strengthen. We see a lot of health enthusiasts get into a sport and totally hurt themselves or do a particular workout that ends up ruining their physique or putting them off balance. It’s important to know and have someone there — especially if you’re lifting weights!!

    Bahhhahah. You need a spotter right? Those guys. Professional trainers are the way to go on this one I’d say —


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