I got this pistol 4 years ago.

I started carrying daily 2 years ago.

Yes it’s registered and I have my conceal permit.

Luckily, I’ve never had to pull my weapon but I am fully prepared to do so if needed.

Most of the time you see me, I’m carrying.

Does that mean I support mindless killings and mass shootings? No.

It does mean that I make a choice every day to take my personal protection into my own hands and that is my right.

I’m educated with my gun.

I take time to practice with my gun regularly.

And I take the responsibility very seriously. I know the consequences of my actions if I ever do have to use this tool and that is something I accept and understand.

Why do I carry? I want to.

Why do I carry? Because I’ve been a victim and if I can prevent that from happening again, I will.

Why do I carry? Because more women are ambushed and attacked by men in parking lots every day than anyone cares to talk about.

Why do I carry? Because I choose to be prepared.

I could honestly list 100 reasons but I think you get my point.

Does this make me a child hating, violence loving, racist, Trump worshiping bigot? Absolutely not, quite the opposite actually.

And if that is what you think everyone who chooses to exercise their 2nd amendment rights is, you need to open your eyes.

Stop stereotyping. Yes, that applies here too.

One thought on “My Pistol

  1. Thank you so much for being awesome and bring up this subject. I believe in the right for us to protect ourselves from the less scrupulous gun owners. Having our rights to owning a weapon taken away is the beginning of a horrible future where the only people who own guns are the ones willing to break the possible outlawing of the weapon.

    Making guns illegal in America is worst most dangerous idea and women need to be empowered and made brave to understand that taking away guns does not make guns go away, it only takes away the rights of gun owners who are heroes (just like you!) You a hero to me! — I don’t own a gun, but I’m really glad you are utilizing this right.


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