We love chaos.
Point blank. End of story.

We’ve been taught that running around crazy means you’re busy. Busy means you’re successful. Successful means that you have so much going on that chaos is a given.

Sounds about right, doesn’t it?

Just because that’s what the movies, TV shows, and our parents have taught us over the years doesn’t mean that is ACTUALLY the case.

Honestly, it couldn’t be more false.

Most uber successful people in this world do NOT live in chaos. They live in a state of organization and support.

Let me say that again because I really want it to sink in… “They live in a state of organization and support”.

They set it up that way. It’s intentional. That’s how they can stay in control of all their success and all the moving pieces in the first place.

But we don’t see that. We see chaos as this sexy thing that we MUST HAVE. People see rushing around the city streets like you’re being chased by the bulls as “the thing to do”.

I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. And quite frankly if you want to actually continue growth and expansion and success, you’re going to have to cut that shit out. You’re going to have to become crystal clear on your intentions, which then trickles down to your responsibilities, which feeds into your task list, which is all fueled by the way you run your day.

Being pro-active is the name of the game.

Chaos = drama… and as a society, we eat that shit up. The ironic part is, we are always talking about how much we hate it but in all reality, we’re creating it for ourselves every day. Here are some things you can start paying attention to and STOP the chaos:

You wing it. You keep the list of things you need to do inside of your head, or written on random pieces of paper all around your house. You don’t write it down. You probably write down appointments and/or meetings into your schedule but that’s as far as it goes. That makes you feel sufficiently organized and proud of yourself so you think that’s enough. When in all reality that’s really not helping at all. You may know that you have an 11 am on Tuesday and a 3 pm on Thursday but chances are, you’re going to be late for both of those meetings or miss something else that day just to make sure you actually make it to that meeting in the first place.

Why? Because you failed to plan what you were going to do that day before and after the meeting. What else did you need to get done that day? How long did you need to factor in to get that task done AND drive to said meeting? Did you account for parking? Did you put any thought into it at all? Probably not.

Whether it’s Sunday planning or sitting down at the end of the day to prep for the next one, incorporate having a lined out game plan into your life. It will change everything.

Proactive isn’t in your vocabulary. Thinking ahead. Being intentional. You can call it anything you want, it’s necessary and most people aren’t doing it.
This goes hand in hand with creating a plan for the week or the day. Going through the motions isn’t the way to create the life you want and it certainly isn’t how you truly get shit done. By choosing to be intentional, you’re choosing to be present and in the moment with every action you take. There is a rhyme and reason to everything that you do throughout the day.

Start look at WHY you do thing and give yourself credit for the things your accomplishing versus just going through the day running around crazy with no idea what you may or may not have actually gotten done.

Your time is valuable and it’s time you start treating it that way.

You don’t have a morning routine. You wake up after hitting snooze 3 times and the kids are already screaming or you’re already late so you find yourself running around the house trying to find shoes that match and get everyone out the door. In doing so, you didn’t eat breakfast or pack a lunch and you forgot the things you needed for your day.

By starting your morning in a whirlwind every day, you’re leaving no option but for your day to follow in such a manner.

What if you intentionally chose to start your day differently? By getting up at a certain time, having time for some mindful activities, time for breakfast and a shower that lasts longer than 3 minutes. What if you chose to start your day on your terms? To prepare for your day with a clear and positive mindset. To be prepared for what you have on the agenda for the day so you can actually tackle everything that comes your way with a clear mind?

It’s possible if you choose.

In conclusion, it all comes down to choices. Do you choose to remain in a constant state of chaos not knowing up from down or how you spent any of your time during the day because it all flew by so quickly? Or do you choose to take control of your time and live on purpose?

It really all comes down to a choice.






Need help sorting it out or getting started? Looking for a little accountability in this area?

Jump into my community, Operation: Do because that is all we do over there. Choose to live on our terms and get more shit done in the process. Check it out here.

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