When you’re the kind of person that observes everything and really SEES… it can be very bittersweet.

Bittersweet because you see things you didn’t really want to see. And once you’ve seen behind the curtain, you can’t unsee it.

Lies spoken to the masses in a cloud of smoke just make you shake your head as you see the hope in their eyes from the words because they can’t see the scared, lying man behind the curtain, all they see is the “great and powerful” Oz.

An Oz that you know is false yet what can you do? Nothing really but hope that the show evoked some real motivation or encouragement in someone…even if coming from a false source. Hope that some good will come out of it. And hope that the man behind the curtain will find whatever it is that he is looking for in order to truly and figuratively BE the Oz he is portraying himself to be.

But most importantly you smile and remember who YOU are. And then you stand in your purpose and shine. You shine as bright as you can knowing that truth, real truth will always prevail. Because in the words of Tony Twist, “impostors who choose to remain impostors, will always be revealed in time.”

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