I often think to myself, “Why must we make things so complicated?”

While yes, this is the case when it comes to business and planning and execution more often than not, we also do the same thing when it comes to our personal lives. We make everything so damn complicated.

I watch a movie where things just work out, and while I know that it’s not reality I can’t help but wonder if we could actually create situations that just worked out for us. Where things fell into place and it wasn’t so damn complicated.

Then in my next thought I catch my subconscious saying “Oh, you’re just being silly. Life doesn’t work out that way”.

But here’s the thing…. SAYS WHO?

Who says that it can’t just work out? Who says that if we all just spoke up and said what we were thinking, went after what we wanted, and expressed what we were feeling that we couldn’t just get exactly what we wanted?

It works in our businesses, so why wouldn’t we try it out in our personal lives?

Well the answer is pretty obvious, we’re scared because feelings are involved and feelings are scary. That’s what makes it complicated. We talk ourselves out of telling the TRUTH. We tell ourselves that it’s better if we don’t speak up and just say what we want or tell that person we want to be with that we want to be with them.

We spend all this time in our own heads, coming up with reasons why it wouldn’t work instead of just trying it, living it, and seeing what happens.

Could your feelings get hurt? Absolutely.

Could you also find exactly what your heart has been longing for? I choose to believe that YES you absolutely could.

So why not take a chance?

Why not speak up?

Tell someone how you feel today.

Speak from your heart.


Yes, it might be scary but it WILL feel better after. And I can promise you that you will never get close to your happily ever after, no matter what your version of that may look like for you, if you let fear keep you from stepping up and going after what you want.

Complicated is created by fear, dishonesty, and ego.

Complicated is cleared up by courage, honesty, integrity, and communication.

I challenge you to think about this and how it applies to your life. Where are you holding back? Where are you letting fear convince you that it’s too complicated or not worth it or that you’re better off not speaking up?

Fear or Love.

You choose.

Personally, I choose love.

And I will keep on choosing it no matter how scary it is because going to bed every night knowing that I have no words left unspoken is a great feeling. And I have faith that the more I choose love, the more love I will attract.♡

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