Friends; Adding people blindly into your Group is NOT a way to get people to engage and believe in your brand or business. It’s actually rude as fuck.

Do you like it when the people at the mall grab you and try to file your nails? Or straighten your hair as you walk by? Or God forbid, shove a perfume in your face when you were simply minding your own business?

Not a pleasant experience and ask yourself, when was the last time you actually bought something from someone who shoved their product down your throat?

Not a good business strategy if you’re looking to build a solid foundation and clients/customers who CHOOSE YOU because they believe in you and your mission and actually want to do the work to create change or buy your product.

Yes, building a group by talking about it and actually building a tribe using your message takes time… a lot more time than it takes to just click the names of a bunch of people on your list and corralling them into a group that they know nothing about. BUT when you build a tribe by sharing value, you surround yourself with people who ACTUALLY support you.

I literally just spent the last 40 minutes declining over 50 groups I was put into without my request. That’s ridiculous and an obvious sign that people need a big fat lesson on marketing and relationship building in order to grow your business. 

You want a marketing strategy? I know people who do that.
You want a plan on how to build your tribe the right way? I know people who do that too.
You need someone to help you fit it into your plan and stick to it and use the proper mindset to create it? I got you.

Just reach out. I’d be happy to help or guide you to someone who can. Please, for the love of God, stop spraying your perfume in my face. Because I promise you, even if it smells good I will not buy it from you if that is your sales tactic…and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way so seriously, stop it.

(p.s. if you know what this image is from, virtual high five for being an awesome human )

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