Yesterday I weighed in at 130.8 and screamed with excitement.

You see, 2 years ago I started this journey to healthy and 130 was my ideal “healthy weight” but I wanted to build it on.

Not like I really had any choice in the matter. I always hovered around 117-119 my entire adult life. I could eat more than a grown man and not gain an ounce.

Sure, I was skinny but It wasn’t healthy. I’m roughly 5’10”. 117 is extremely under weight. Not only was I uncomfortable with it, I was also sick most of the time. Feeling lethargic and nausea and weak 90% of the time isn’t fun.

So I battled. I battled my body to figure out how to gain. There was a lot of trial and error. There were a lot of fall backs. Weight gained, weight lost again.

Yesterday when I saw that scale read 130, I was so fucking proud of myself and what I’ve BUILT.
(130.8lbs, 100.3lbs of muscle mass btw 😜💪)

Because that’s what all of this is really about. Finding out what I’m capable of. Personally putting in the work to build something that is mine.

No one handed me this. No one put the extra inches of muscle on my thighs and hips and arms. While yes, I’ve had some amazing coaches and guidance along the way, I put in the work. I stayed committed. That is MY accomplishment and damn, it feels good!

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