I’m not a Mom to human babies so sometimes women are quick to tell me “You can’t help me fix my schedule, you just don’t understand”.

And they are right, I do not have 2 legged children who can walk and talk and that I have to take with me everywhere I go BUT I’ve honestly NEVER tried to act like I understand OR like I can fully relate. I would never insinuate that.

But what I DO know, is that I understand valuing your time, using time blocks, preparing for shit to hit the fan, planning your “to-do” list around nap times and the potential for a toddler meltdown.

Time management is time management and chaos is chaos. But it comes down to way more than the ability to make a fancy plan and stick to it.

It comes down to your state of mind.

How determined are you to make sure that this stuff gets done no matter what?
How important is it to you that you’re on top of your shit so that you can actually BE PRESENT with your family when it counts?

Am I saying that every day you’ll be perfect and cross everything off the list? No. People with no children don’t do that either.

What I am saying is that you can implement some things into the way you operate to help you manage all of the things you have on your plate a little better… and possibly be able to breathe every once in a while.

It’s a lot. I know that and I just want to help.

I’ve had clients who run successful side business, work a demanding full-time corporate job, are in fairly good shape health wise, AND still get to spend a LOT of time with their children and husbands.. all while still making time for some self-care in between.

I’ve also had clients that don’t have any of that. Instead it’s constant chaos.

The difference?
One chooses to do the work and USE the tools I provide them with and the other chose not to.

No matter what our current hand of cards looks like, there IS a way to create some calm in the midst of the chaos. I promise.

You just have to want it bad enough.

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