My dog had a major surgery last Friday (Mac, the big pitbull one).

His rehab consists of him not walking, except short 5 minute leashed walks to potty a couple of times a day. So basically he has to sit still… all day… and night… for 4 weeks.

Um, he’s only 3 and full of energy and built like a brick shit house so he has been trying to strong-arm me every step of the way. Oh the cone, then there’s the cone. Such joy.

So my days this week have been filled with strategically planning my life around his needs. Meds 4 times a day. No visitors because he can’t get excited. And he hasn’t been sleeping through the night and when he won’t stop crying, I’ve wound up sleeping on the floor with him.

Much like most infants…when he’s not sleeping he makes sure that I’m not sleeping either.

Needless to say its been rough. Mentally and emotionally draining. Physically exhausting. And just added an extra step to pretty much all of the things I do every day.

While yes, I’m venting about my dog a bit… I am more so posting this to paint you a picture of the pretty shiny wrench that has been thrown into my current situation.

I wanted to paint you a picture before I went on to tell you that this has also been one of the most productive weeks I’ve had in a long time.

Yep, even with the extra around the clock job of dog nurse being added to the mix I’ve been MORE productive. Clients being served above and beyond, extra training, diet on point, workouts in, 4 blog posts written, new program in phase 2, and recorded a ton of content.

I wanted to paint you that picture so you could see that it’s really all a choice. You either adapt when you need to and make shit work.. or you don’t.

I could have easily put all of my “extra stuff” on hold and just stuck to the bare minimum. I have a pretty solid excuse. But it’s just that, an excuse and I choose not to let those dictate my life. I want more. I want it bad and I’m committed to more.

So keep in mind, how you handle a situation IS fully in YOUR control.


P.s. Mac is doing well. He’s in pain and super sad and confused by doing well. He tore a ligament in both of his rear legs, so this is the first of two surgeries. He gets the other replaced in 5 weeks and we get to do this all over again.

It’s been a wild ride over here and my sanity has been being tested big time. If you don’t already, join us on snap for all the behind the scene details @jmeirene

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