Be mindful of your vibe.

I met my friend Jordan for breakfast this morning at my favorite spot. This has quickly become our “thing” because well, breakfast is delicious and it’s an easier time for him and I to make work with our crazy schedules.

We were sitting across from each other at the end of the community table chatting and drinking our coffee when I noticed the waitress place a drink two seats down from us at an empty spot. Then she came back a minute later and placed a plate of food there as well…again, no one was occupying that seat.

Strange yes, but I didn’t really acknowledge it, just kept in our conversation. Then a couple of minutes later I noticed a brand new Mercedes SUV pull up and park right in front. (I’m a car girl…I notice shit like that) A man, in what I know to be a custom suit got out of that SUV and walked into the restaurant. He walked straight to the empty seat with the food already served for him, sat down and started to enjoy his breakfast without saying a word.

Being a woman who LOVES to always be prepared, I was ultimately impressed by this situation. Way to be on top of your shit, food ready for you when you arrive to the restaurant? I thought to myself, “I like this guys style!” Not a moment wasted.

As he sat down I was mid-story, telling my friend about an interview I had watched with Gary Vaynerchuk where he was saying how amazing of a time we are currently living in, and how so many people are not even taking full advantage of it yet. When I noticed out of the corner of my eye that I had caught this new table mates attention as he stopped eating and looked up at me, listening to what else I had to say.

I went on to reference how Gary said “If you would have told parents 10 years ago that they would be opting to put their kids in cars with a complete stranger versus buying them their own car, they would have thought you were insane”. He was talking about how many people in metropolitan areas now are purchasing unlimited Uber for their 16 years olds, instead of buying them a car. The cost is cheaper and the risk is lower.

The man next to my friend chimed in and said, “I find that very interesting. I have a friend in Miami who used Uber only last year instead of buying a car and she save SO much time and money. She did 530 Uber rides and it cost roughly $6,500. So for under $550 a month she got wherever she wanted to go without ever worrying about a car payment, or insurance, or parking, or oil changes, or maintenance. Not to mention the fact that she could work from the back seat of the Uber and really maximize her time spent. 10 years ago people didn’t have that option. What an interesting time we live in is right.”

We agreed and exchanged a couple more lines and he went back to his meal, finished up quickly, and paid his tab as him and the waitress shared a goodbye using each other’s first names in the exchange, so it was obvious this was a regular thing for him. Again, I was totally impressed by this arrangement. I love people who think outside of the box and aren’t afraid to set up or do whatever they feel called to in order to make their world the most effective they possibly can.

Mad props.

Remember, your vibe is strong. It WILL attract people into your space that are meant to be there. It will draw you into places and to people who you are meant to interact with, people who you are meant to learn from, or help, or simply use as confirmation that you’re not the only one who chooses to live life on your own terms.

Pay attention friends, there are signs everywhere.

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