The brain is an interesting thing. It’s funny how everything is good, You can be kicking ass all day long, accomplishing everything you set out to do, make awesome connections, have a killer work out, make big break through with clients, have a good hair day, eat perfect macros, cross everything off the list. End the day feeling great.

Then you lay down. All noise off. Just you and the sound of the fan and your brain starts racing. It takes you to the one thing you wish you could control right now, but can’t. And even though you’re knocking down every thought its throwing at you with logic, it just keeps coming.

Even after many years of learning how to move past, release, and let go of certain feelings, sometimes…only sometimes my heart floods my head and I can’t turn it off.

Maybe that’s a sign of undiscovered things or unsaid words or maybe, just maybe these feelings weren’t ready to be shipped off so quickly.

I’m not sure yet but I plan on paying close attention until I figure it out. 

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