It’s funny how one day can hold so many highs and so many lows.
How you can have the best morning, have good conversations, and have exciting things happen but then have an utterly trying afternoon. One that makes you want to crawl under a hole.

This morning I was reflecting back on yesterday. It wasn’t a bad day per say, but it also wasn’t the best. Now, I’m not naive, I understand that not every day is going to be great. But I also believe that we can control our moods, regardless of yesterday… it was a struggle.

As I was reflecting, I started to think about the roller-coaster ride that can occur in just ONE day, in the 18 or so hours that you’re awake doing things. And it’s pretty amazing to think about. To truly think about everything that can happen in just ONE day.

One day matters. Big time.

Can change happen in one day? NO. Not the kind of change that you have control over at least. It is a compilation of many days of action, many days of consistency, many days of sticking to the grind.

But ONE DAY possess countless options for you to choose. You get more opportunities to make a choice in one day than I care to add up. Just think about it for a second… it’s pretty clear that we squander the fuck out of most of them.

We get caught up. We don’t focus. We make excuses. We get too “busy”. All things that happen when you stop paying attention.

But what if you started to pay attention?

What if you actually consciously CHOSE each choice as it presented itself to you?

What if you were INTENTIONAL with each twist and turn and cross-road?

Think about that… now can you see what I mean when I say that you have the power to control your own life?

It’s pretty mind bending, I know. I’ve spent years educating myself, collecting evidences, dissecting proof, figuring out why and how and what and being aware of my mindset so I can control most of it.

Shit, even the times that it doesn’t seem we’re in control, we are…to an extent.

Bet ya didn’t know that this stuff is a MAJOR point of what it means to being a higher performer, did ya?

The lists and systems and plans don’t mean shit without the proper mindset, the right kind of intention, and action.

So here’s the thing… I’ve been dreaming up a program, a mastermind type setting where I can work closely with a handful of driven, badass people who are wanting to dig deeper, wanting to have more, wanting to enjoy more. I can’t stop thinking about it. And I’m working out the details “as we speak” but it’s going to be limited, SUPER LIMITED and the spots will go quick so shoot me a message if you want the info first, if you want first dibs on a spot.

Details will be released publicly soon.

Until then… pay attention. Ride the roller-coaster, don’t jump off. The ride is part of the journey!

Keep kicking ass friends!

Jamie Thurber
Creating higher performers and happier lives every day.

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