“Guys don’t like girls with calluses on their hands”.

After posting a photo of the proof on my hands that I lift heavy shit and put in the work on my body, I got a message telling me that men don’t like girls with calluses on their hands.

I sat there for a minute and looked at the message like, “Seriously dude?” and promptly responded something sassy along the lines of “the kind of beasts I date do” and left it at that.

But I thought a little more about it after that… two things stick out to me:

#1- Stereotyping. Because I’m a chick with pretty hair and nice boobs I’m not supposed to have calluses on my hands? What are my hands supposed to look like? Should they be dainty and fragile? You know what that means to me? That I can’t handle anything for myself. If my hands were frail I couldn’t do things for myself (like yard work or fix the jeep or move furniture… random shit like that) and God forbid something happen where I have to be a warrior and defend myself or protect my home, if my hands weren’t conditioned much like the rest of my body is, then I would not be able to do what I needed to do to survive if need be. I would HAVE to rely on someone else to help me and I’m sorry but I’m not that kind of girl.

#2-  Dedication. If a “man” has a problem with a chick who has calluses on his hands then he probably doesn’t understand what it means to make a commitment. He probably doesn’t know what it means to be dedicated to something. To work at something everyday so hard that it forms calluses on your hands. Honestly, that is something that this world is missing, BIG TIME. So many people walk around just barely getting by. They don’t even understand what it means to work relentlessly towards a REAL goal, not just something mundane like “get through this day”.

These calluses remind me of my commitment to my body. They remind me of the fact that I work really fucking hard to condition and be prepared for whatever life throws at me. I am prepared physically. I am prepared mentally. Can you say the same?

Maybe more people need to work on growing calluses on their hands…

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