Why is it much easier for people to implement the rule of “authenticity” into their business (or at least claim to) but they can’t seem to put that same sort of naked rawness into their personal relationships?

Don’t you see the disconnect here?

ALL AREAS ARE CONNECTED! They all are part of the circle. Without one of the pieces, your ball won’t roll. You might be able to push it along, but it won’t roll smoothly.

If you only put in work in one area, or maybe two areas… they might thrive for a bit, but the others will start to fail…the others will become heavy. You’ll feel guilty, or disconnected, or not fulfilled and you’ll wonder why… “I’m doing the work!”

No. No you’re not. This isn’t a multiple choice quiz. Everything is connected.

You don’t get to choose only one area of your life to focus on and then think that everything else will just “work”.

You don’t get to tell the truth in one area of your life and not the others.

You don’t get to brush things under the rug in one area and expect the rest of your house to be clean and tidy. It doesn’t work that way.

You don’t get to claim to be putting in the effort and attention to each area of your life and think that just because you’re telling yourself that you’re putting in the work in the other areas than that should be enough.

You can only fool yourself for so long and you certainly can’t fool the universe.

You want the balance? You want the overall success, the enjoyment, the love, the relationships, the experiences, the rewards?

Every day.
Not part-time.
Not just on the surface.
Not just so you look like you have your shit together.
But in your core, you have to DO IT.

I know what you’re thinking…That sounds fucking overwhelming, right?

The funny thing is, it’s MORE overwhelming NOT to.

You create more stress, more drama, more tension, more anxiety, more loss of sleep, more upset stomachs, more headaches when you ignore a piece of the puzzle.

You create unnecessary heaviness, worry, doubt.
You carry around that “I need to be doing” weight on your shoulder and lay down every night and tell yourself that you’ll do it tomorrow. You’ll put the attention where it needs to be tomorrow. You’ll make that phone call tomorrow. You’ll hit the gym tomorrow. You’ll share that story tomorrow.

Not to be morbid, but you might die tonight. Or that person you want to talk to might die. Then what?

What are you waiting for?

You DESERVE everything. You deserve to lay down every night with a smile knowing that you lived that day to its fullest. You paid attention to all of the areas of your life. You successfully did your best that day. Even if you didn’t get EVERYTHING done, you were present, you were intentional with your time and you didn’t lie and ignore any area.

Still don’t think this is possible? Well…it’s a choice. It’s a choice that you have to commit to making. It’s a shift. A shift you work on every day.

And no, it’s not easy. But it’s freeing. It’s SO freeing my friend.

This is what I help people create in their lives and I’ve got to say that it’s a blessing to be able to do.

If you’re serious about performing better everyday and learning to be intentional with your time so you CAN have the balance you’ve been dreaming of, send me an e-mail now (me@jamiethurber.com) and let’s chat.

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