Yes; just little ol’ me, my bookbag, and small suitcase sat in a full size, blacked out Yukon on my drive to the airport today.

Yes, it costs about double the price of a regular Uber.

Something some people might think is crazy, shit…there was a time I thought it was ridiculous too! But there’s a big mindset lesson here so read on….

So why do I always pay for the black car upgrade, especially when I’m heading to the airport?

Well for starters… being late for a flight gives me anxiety and the Black Car drivers are typically professional drivers and get you from point A to point B with no fuss at all, in my experience anyways. (Ye who is prepared shall not fail👌)

Another reason is I know what to expect when I order a black car. I know I’m going to be sitting in something roomy, clean, comfy, and pleasant smelling with tinted windows.

From someone who is nauseous about 90% of the time, a funky smelling vehicle where I’m cramped and have the sun beating on me is a sure fire way to make me vomit. And make for a not so lovely travel day.

And realistically, it’s nice. It’s comfortable. It’s luxurious. It feels good. It’s a pleasant experience.

You see, I promised myself a few years ago that I would live the life I wanted, to choose luxury over mediocre any chance I get.

Why? Because I deserve it.
Because I value myself.

But more importantly, because it’s a state of mind.

It’s not a state you stand in only sometimes either. If you want your life to be a certain way, you have to embody that state of mind ALWAYS.

A lifestyle isn’t a part time job.
It’s your LIFE. All day, every day.

Just like everything else in your world, you want it? Commit to having it. Commit to living it. Commit to doing what you need to to make it happen. Commit to LIVING THE LIFE YOU WANT and it WILL become your reality.

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