“Skinny fat”… it’s a thing. It’s a thing no one thinks is a problem… and for some, maybe it’s not…but for me it was a BIG problem.

I was always sick.
I had no energy.
I had zero strength.
I could eat more than most grown men I knew but never gained a pound.

I remember seeing the picture on the left right after it was taken and being embarrassed (see bottom of post). That “skinny minnie” look everyone always said they were so jealous of was NOT how I wanted to look. Not even a little bit… but I didn’t know anything else was possible.

After many years of rapidly losing weight, never feeling good, more doctors appointments than I can count, passing out several times in public because my body shut down, and more hospital stays than I cared to have in a lifetime, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

In 2015 I started researching what was wrong with me…
They’ve always labeled it “severe hypoglycemia”… which isn’t really even a thing but it’s the best way to describe what happens to my body that causes me to lose weight, be lethargic, pass out, and all of that good stuff.

Basically, it can only be controlled by my diet. So, I got a blood sugar monitor and a notebook and started documenting everything.

I would take my sugar every time I felt nauseous (which is still basically a constant state for me) and write down the sugar levels. Then I would eat.
Then test again right after.
Then test again in 30 minutes.
Then again in an hour.

Documenting the way the numbers changed based on time and what I ate.

That’s when I started getting clear on what I could eat and ways to start working my diet around FEELING BETTER.

Then I added in lifting and everything changed again. My body burns through nutrients 10x faster than most people so I had zero endurance and could barely make it through 90% of my workouts for the first 6 months.

Luckily, I have an amazing trainer who found my “issues” very interesting and has invested A LOT of time and energy into helping me figure it all out.

Today I stand at the highest weight I’ve ever been (126lbs), lowest bodyfat (12%), and stronger than I EVER knew was possible.


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