It’s Sunday. I’m outta town. Woke up feeling pretty lazy. Last thing I wanted to do was train but I knew I needed to get it in.

I could hear my trainers voice in my head, I could hear that super badass version of myself in my head saying “you want that body”.

The other voice, the lazy one who likes to lay around on Sundays was louder.

I got up anyways.

The whole drive to the gym, the lazy voice was louder.

“I’ll just do an easy full body”
“I’ll just lift light today and focus more on movement”

Then I walked in, paid the fees to use a gym only for one day and that badass voice in my head said “Fuck it, let’s crush legs”

And so it was done.

Split squats superset with good mornings.
Sumo squats superset single leg RDLs
Seated curls superset with skull crushers
Cable pull downs superset with push downs
Finished with abs in the Roman chair

Outta my comfort zone, no security of my trainer, in a strange gym… something that I would normally let throw me off completely but instead I told that lazy mediocre voice to shut it and got to work.

Do the work. Even when you don’t want to.

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