Connection doesn’t know time.

Experience doesn’t recognize time. Your soul doesn’t care about time. It connects when it’s meant to connect. It loves when it’s meant to love. It draws you to an experience because it needs it.

Your soul knows what you need better than you ever will. Trust in that.

Don’t let time or lack thereof allow you to belittle a feeling, a connection, or an experience. Don’t underestimate the impact that one single moment can have on you.

Because not all experiences are created equal. Some are meant to rock us to our very core. Some are meant to send shock waves through our system to remind us what it feels like to be alive.

So please don’t discount a connection simply because of “not enough time spent” or whatever you fear may make you think you “should” have in order to connect. If you’re truly being honest with yourself, you know you felt what you felt for a reason. We always do. There is always a lesson. And you know that it’s still there for a reason.

The universe is always conspiring, my friends. And it will bring you in front of the people and experiences you need to connect with when you need it the most.

Deep, soul connections don’t happen every day. So, when they do, be sure not to squander it. Honor it. Allow it to fill you.

Although it might be overwhelming at first, I think that’s the point. Because souls that are wired to connect and dent the universe together SHOULD be a little overwhelming, don’t you think?

After all, it is changing the course of everything you think you know…

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