PEOPLE LOVE DRAMA. Chances are, you’re creating your own right now.

Here’s the deal… our brain is pretty amazing. It has a way of knowing what we need and when we need it. We obviously CAN choose to follow instinct or make a different choice. But instinctually, our brain, our subconscious to be more precise, will follow the path of least resistance.

The fucked up part about that is sometimes the path that it views as the one of least resistance can be the exact path that keeps us stuck in a cycle, or keeps up continuously ending up with the same not so pleasant response, or keeps us surrounded by chaos and drama.

Why? Because drama is your normal.

Whether you want to actually admit it or not, it is. From waiting until that minute to pay a bill or leave for an appointment by creating that stress around “WILL I MAKE IT???” you are creating drama.

It’s what we are taught is a normal part of life.

“All families are crazy”.

“All moms are stressed to the max”.

“Everyone who runs a business works 80 hours a week”.

“Life is never easy”.

“Who ISN’T stressed out?”

We are taught that chaos and craziness is a necessary part of existing and it is our comfort zone. Even if you feel like pulling your hair out 95% of the time, your subconscious believes that to be your normal place of existing, so it does everything in it’s power to keep you there.

That is until you dare to open your damn eyes and realize that there IS another option, that it all comes down to making different choices for a different result.

Because you DO have the power to rewrite reality, to retrain your subconscious to recognize a different way of existing as your new normal, your new comfort zone.

So let me explain how this is affecting you right now… maybe in ways that you don’t even realize you have control over.

No follow through.

Not being proactive.

Not paying attention.

Going through the motions.

Knowing that there will be traffic so planning for it, prepping dinner the night before; leaving 10 minutes earlier, taking a different route, letting the babysitter know that you’ll be 10 minutes late, telling your husband to meet you later, asking for someone to help you…

I could go through 100 scenarios here. The point is, you could CHOOSE to not make this a hectic problem.

Example; We create drama around Money by not giving it the attention it deserves. By not creating a plan when instead we could choose to do things differently. Like remove spending, use a budgeting system, call and move payment dates, get a lower percentage rate on a debt, bring on a new client, start a new program, sell some items you don’t need anymore, etc. All choices. Choices that allow you to control your money situation other than it controlling you. But what do we typically do instead? We ignore it. We let it pile up and always be a problem. Always trying to scramble, therefore staying in a state of almost panic. Drama.

Another example is ignoring Responsibility. Don’t just go through life “hoping” that something doesn’t happen to you. Because when you do that, you’re just opening up the door and inviting the drama to come in, blop down on your couch, kick up its feet and stay awhile.

Sure you’ll “figure it out”, we usually always do BUT what if you could prevent all the bullshit from happening in the first place? What if you could be proactive in your responsibilities enough to be freaking prepared? So that when something does go down, you’re not left flipped upside down and scrambling?

THAT is the difference between being someone who allows their circumstances to rule them and someone who creates the life they want.

That is the difference between someone who is always dodging a bullet and someone who is standing up on the hill fully locked and loaded and ready for the war, even if it never happens.

That is the difference between going with the motions and BEING A HIGH PERFORMER.

Step one, choose to let go of the drama. It doesn’t have to be your normal. You CAN remove it. It’s all a choice.

Time to step up and start handling your shit.

What if the reason you don’t follow through is because you LOVE THE DRAMA?

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