Seriously. Stop it. Now.
You’re screwing yourself over with that nonsense. Yes, all things building a business takes work, A LOT of work in fact. And Yes, bettering yourself is a journey that also takes consistent work. BUT the thing is, it will ALWAYS come down to the basics.

Ya, ya, ya… I know, you’ve heard this before;

“Master the basics and you’ll achieve ultimate success”.

Or “Success is found in your daily routine”.

You’ve heard it and you’ve probably rolled your eyes at it and then taken a step back into your over complicated, chaotic life and kept “GRINDING”… ya know, like you’re “supposed to”.

Guess what? Those statements I quoted above…THEY COULDN’T BE MORE TRUE.

You can ask any millionaire you know or hell, call up Dwayne Johnson himself and let him tell you…It’s all in the daily routine.


So why do we over complicate it so much? Why do we literally dig our feet down into a hole of crap that we think is super important and completely necessary in order to build whatever the hell it is that we’re trying to build?

Because we get caught up in what everyone else is doing and what everyone else is saying and stop listening to ourselves.

Because we have this terrible thing inside of us that tells us to try and reinvent the wheel so we can puff our chests out and show everyone how awesome we are.

Because we try to fix what’s NOT BROKEN.

None of those three reasons make ANY sense when you really stop and think about them for a minute, do they?

Nope. But they keep us running on the hamster wheel. They keep us chasing our tails. They create the drama and chaos that we’ve been programmed to feel like we NEED in order to be deemed “successful”… or worthy of any sort of wealth and happiness.

Hey guess what? THAT’S WRONG.

So. So. So WRONG.

You find yourself frustrated, not getting the progress you’re wanting, banging your head against the wall trying to figure out why this isn’t flowing for you and why it feels so….sooooo…unnatural, constrained, insincere, and FORCED.

We all wind up there every once in a while. It happens. But when it happens, you have to nip that shit in the bud, QUICK!


>So things feel like a clusterfuck in your world?
Think back to the last time it didn’t. What were you doing differently then than you’re doing now? Stop what you’re doing right this moment and put yourself back in the state you were in when things were flowing.

>You’re super overwhelmed trying to get all of the things done and feel like you’re just running on a wheel, never really getting anywhere?
So stop. Reset. Take a day. Or a night. Or a weekend. Or an hour. Walk away from it. Throw the list away and start over. Come back in calm. Come back focused. Finish two things that you know you need to get done that day. Don’t over-complicate them. Don’t go over them five times in your head, JUST SIT DOWN AND DO IT. Complete the tasks.

(Why? Those two things WILL reset your mindset and focus on the tasks at hand, increasing your overall productivity)

Now let’s REALLY break this down for you:

Everything in your world feels out of wack?

>Let me ask you this…how are you starting your day? What does your morning routine consist of?

Oh…you haven’t been following your morning routine…hmmm… (BASICS!)

>What about your plan for the week? How does that feel for you? Are you breaking things down over you available time on each day?

Oh… you aren’t planning out your week? You’re just winging it? (BASICS!)

>How’s your diet? What are you putting in your body for fuel? Are you drinking enough water each day?

Oh…. you haven’t really been paying attention to what you’re eating? You’ve just been grabbing a Monster at the gas station to keep you going throughout your day? Hmmmmmm…(BASICS!)

Look…I could go on and on for days and many many pages on questions just like that. You know what makes you tick (and if you don’t, start fucking paying attention. You deserve it) so why not do what you know you need to do to function at your highest capacity?


All comes back to the basics on all of it.

So if you’re like ME and hit these “lulls” every once in a while, And we ALL do…

(yes, I was totally feeling overwhelmed and unable to concentrate and frustrated and out of wack for the past couple of weeks…so I went back to the basics last week and everything shifted back into flow)

Then stop what you’re doing right now and re-read this post again. Implement this shit right now and un-clusterfuck your mindset so you can re-focus and eliminate the unnecessary complicated shit.

Because life is too short to run around in circles.

Now get to it.

Much Love,

Jamie Thurber
Creating Higher Performers everyday

Need more accountability around this subject? Or help truly sorting it all out and making the last mindset and routine changes to shift things in your world? I still have one spot open for private coaching this month. Shoot me a PM now and let’s get to work.

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