Look, a Coach isn’t going to stop you from being a pussy.

It’s not going to stop you from being scared.
They’re not going to wave a magic wand that suddenly makes you jump into gear and quit being a lazy ass.

It all comes down to a CHOICE.
It’s all a choice that YOU get to make.

I can spend all my time coaching you through HOW to change things, ways to overcome, ways to take control of your mindset, things to DO, actions to take.

We can dive into the root problems that hold you back. What decisions you keep making that are keeping you stuck and then get really clear on the changes you can make to get you to where you tell me you want to be,

But here is the thing friends, I CAN’T STOP YOU FROM BEING A PUSSY. I know that sounds harsh, but I’m not really sure how else to word it in order to get my point across.

I can’t MAKE you take the action.

I can’t MAKE you do the work.

I can’t MAKE you commit to changing your way of thinking.

No coach or mentor can.

Yes, I can help you realize what is really blocking you.
Yes, I can show you how to work through that once and for all.
Yes, I can help you create the plan to build daily action/habits you need to move forward.
Yes, I can stand in your corner and cheer you on.
Yes, I can stay on your ass about getting your stuff done. (accountability)
Yes, I can give you all of the tools that you need.
Yes, I can give you access to every piece of educational software I have built
Hell, I can even hold your hand through it all.

But when it comes down to actually taking the daily action necessary to make a change … that part is 100% on YOU.

YOU have to choose to commit to the changes you say that you so desperately want.

Talk shit or Do shit.

The choice is yours.

Choose to DO shit and a coach or mentor CAN help you. They can help to catapult you further, faster, and in the direction you’re actually wanting to go. They can help you create and maintain the daily intentional action necessary to build that vision you have.

But you need to choose first. Talk OR Do.

Now go kick ass.
Jamie Thurber
High Performance Coach helping you turn chaos into productivity and actually start building the life you want.

P.S. Doers? Let’s make shit happen. I’m taking on 3 new clients in September so shoot me a PM if you’re interested and we can chat more. Serious inquires only though, please 

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