Recently I was on my weekly call with a private client… 4 weeks into our work together and he’s already seeing big shifts!

Cut out over $3k of unnecessary expenses and toxic-ness from the business, more than paid for my services with the profit he’s now generating, AND most importantly, his stress level is WAY down.

While yes, I want to create more money for each of my clients… it is not my mission or my purpose for that matter.

My purpose is to show them that they can run their life and business the way THEY WANT TO. And by doing that, their stress goes down, their excitement goes up, and life starts to get fun again.

Strategy, yes. Planning, of course. Diving into expenses, yep. Digging through issues, a-huh. Implementing new processes, absolutely. But it’s MORE about the mindset and way they are showing up that make the biggest difference.

Being able to help people REALIZE THAT is the most rewarding thing, EVER.

Who needs drugs when you get to help people transform their lives everyday?

Try to wipe this smile off my face, I dare ya  

Build the life you love, friends. You deserve it.

Now go kick ass,
Jamie Thurber
Creating Higher Performers every day

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