When was the last time you looked into your own eyes?
Like really LOOKED….

We spend so much time looking outward for answers, looking around us for the solution. When the solution is inside of you.

Looking yourself in the mirror isn’t always fun. I mean stripping down the layers, the stories, the masks, and looking deep into your own eyes, into your own soul and seeing who you REALLY are at your core.

Are you letting that core shine through?

Are you letting your own stories stand in your way?

Are you holding yourself back because of fear, hurt or uncertainty?

Here’s the thing, only YOU can stop YOU.

So put this down, go over to the mirror and stare yourself in the eyes. See through the bullshit and look at YOU.

See the beauty. See the pain. See the flaws. See the brilliance.

We all have it in us.

Now stop punishing yourself. Stop hiding from what you want. Stop holding back.

Yes, it’s scary. But think about what pure magic you might be missing out on if you DON’T…

I don’t know about you but walking around wondering what might have been is certainly not on my agenda… so stop stopping yourself.

Go get what you want. ♡

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