Recently I was journaling and reflecting on how a year ago I started a layer. And a year before that I started a different layer. And the year before that… etc.


Four years ago, while sitting on an airplane with a crushed hand, on the way home from a totally VIP rockstar trip to Vegas, I sat there with a pad of paper and an idea.

I realized I could take a skill I had, something I could do really really well and turn it into a business…

I wrote out the plan. The staffing. The expenses. The offerings. The marketing. The client build. Everything. And Posh Promotions was born.

I still have that piece of paper.

After many logo designs, several website builds, and rebrands that I stayed up all night creating and building, the business has evolved many times over into what it currently stands as now.

But today as I sat back and thought about it for a minute… I realized how much my life has really changed, all for the better.

I realized that I have learned to love the roller coaster ride, because you don’t really have a choice… You either hold on tighter or you get off the ride. I’m grateful for the strength to tighten my grip.

I realized that 4 years is a really long time and I should be proud of that… something I don’t think I ever really have allowed myself to feel before.

I realized that 4 years isn’t that long at all. That I’m still digging, still elevating, still evolving, and I don’t think I will ever stop. Which makes me really happy in the grand scheme of things.

As I looked around at the accomplishments, the struggles, the wins, the hypothetical scars I wear proudly, the people I’ve met, the people I’ve had the privilege to help, the lifestyle I have built… I realized that it was all EARNED.

And THAT is also something I am really damn proud of.

Own your journey. Don’t take it for granted.

Don’t squander the experience.


Let it fuel you.

Smile and keep creating.

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