Yes, I’ve run it for years. I’ve run it in different industries, in countless boardrooms, meetings, events, and shops. And I’m fucking good at it.

Please don’t be fooled by the big boobs, flowing hair, makeup, and smiles.

Being kind and compassionate doesn’t mean that I am just some little girl, dabbling.

I need you to understand that I will turn around in a split second and eat your face off in a way that you’ve never experienced if you ask me for the truth.

The difference is, I don’t feel the need to shove it down your throat.

I don’t need to scream in your face.

I choose to walk into a room and own it without ever speaking a word.

Presence and the ability to stand in that spot is a much more valued trait in my experience. Along with the ability to spit fire in a raw in your face way, all while maintaining my composure, smile, and hair on point.

Style, grace, and poise are things that you don’t always associate with a leader that also brings the fire; I get that.

I get that you may not understand, but power and leadership come in all different shapes and sizes. I get that you pass judgment with a glance or click of a button. I get that I may not be the messenger you resonate with.

I’m okay with that, but disrespecting or disregarding me would be a huge mistake. Do not ever underestimate who I am. I mastered proving people wrong without even trying over 15 years ago.

My first day in the boy’s club was over a decade ago, friends. And yes, on day one I wasn’t in charge, I wasn’t taken seriously, and I wasn’t even acknowledged. BUT I observed. I adapted. I learned that game. And it wasn’t very long until I was running the place. I was the one to watch. I walked into a room, and they shut up because everyone valued what I had to say… I took charge of that club without ever having to stand up and say I was taking charge in the first place.

Because you see, strong women who truly understand the POWER of who they are and their expertise don’t need to puff their chests out or measure their dick to command a room.

It’s a gift. A gift I possess. A gift I have strengthened and cultivated for many years, in many industries, in many situations, in many rooms.

It’s a gift I’ve used to create transformations. Not only in myself but in those around me. I’ve guided some of the most amazing people I know to new levels in their lives with this gift. I’ve catapulted numerous businesses to new heights with these gifts.

I guess a lot of you don’t see that. I’m not sure how you don’t, but the more I sit here thinking about it, the bigger I smile.

It’s a state of mind that’s bigger than some people can handle or even see for that matter. And It’s not my job to make you see it.

Every once in a while you just need to take a moment to remind everyone who the fuck you are.

The end.

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