“Does any of this even make sense?”

“Am I just wasting my time?”

“I’m the one that allowed this to happen, maybe there is just something wrong with me…”

“Fuck it, I’ll just stay in bed today instead.”

All things that went through my head this morning when I woke up out of a dead sleep at 4:50 am to see that yet again, someone didn’t follow through on what they promised they would do.

Once again, I let myself get a little bit of hope towards someone else’s empty promises.

And for a moment, I sat there contemplating all of the shit. That I was stupid. I looked in the mirror and felt ugly. I drank my favorite coffee and it didn’t taste good. Needless to say, it looked like a pity party was going to be on the list of things to do today.

Hell, my appointment today even got cancelled… that surely was a sign that I just needed to stay in bed and hide from the world, right?

I mean, obviously it was the universe speaking to me and I grabbed the covers and pulled them up around my head to settle in.

But in a moment, my mind shifted. I sat up, looked around, and got pissed.

NO. I will not for one second let any outside shit affect how I feel or influence my thoughts and feelings. I don’t host pity parties in this house. It is NOT something we do around here.

So, I got up instead and pushed. Pushed myself to shower. To get dressed and presentable looking. To check in with all my clients. To go pick up my meals. To actually eat one of those meals. And to do my mindset work.

Which I will continue to be engulfed in the rest of the day. Because when all else fails, DO YOUR MINDSET WORK. It really is the root of everything. It’s the thing you have control over. It’s the way to release the muck and fog and get clear. It’s the way to create the life that you want, even when you have a dark morning where all you wanted to do was quit.

Here’s the thing guys, WE’RE ALL HUMAN.

We all have self doubt sometimes. We all have negative self talk from time to time.

The difference is, some of us just refuse to allow that dark shit to stick around or stop us from taking action. Some of us refuse to believe any of the things our brain tells us in the doubt.

Sometimes you can’t get rid of the feeling, but you can talk to your dogs, listen to your favorite music, and do your work. That is the option those people you think “never have a bad day” make.

And it’s in that moment when you choose NOT to sit there in your darkness and set up shop that you ARE REMINDED WHAT YOU’RE ACTUALLY CAPABLE OF.

So what if you felt like crap this morning? So what if you feel like you’re in this alone? So what if you feel like you’re having a bad face day?

No one is coming to save you. So stand up, make space for the shit, and don’t let it stop you.

Push through. Take action. Remind that world who you are, dammit.

(P.s… it’s when you are able to acknowledge your dark moments and not let them stop you that you harness the true magic of the power you possess.)

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