If I had a dollar for every time I heard that…. I’d own an island.

“You’re just too much.”
“Do you even know what you want?”
“How can you expect that?”

“Why do you need more than what you have right now?”

I was told these things most of my life. I was made to feel like I was out of line for wanting the things that I wanted. I was made to feel like I was “too much” when I would fully express myself as who I am at my core. So it’s no wonder that I spent most of my life trying to tone it down.

“Tone it down”… What does that even mean? And how does anyone think it’s even remotely acceptable to tell someone that they should do that? It makes no sense to me and actually, it’s a pretty fucking degrading thing to put on someone. To make them think that who they are isn’t acceptable or that it’s too much for people to handle.

So, you quiet down.
You keep your mouth shut.
You don’t bother him.
You become insanely self-sufficient.
You don’t talk about what you’re actually longing for.

But that longing will drive you insane. You can only hold it back for so long. You can only fit your star shaped self into a square box for so long before you burst out and go crazy. But are you crazy? Probably not… you’re just shining much brighter than anyone knows what to do with.

Just because “they” can’t handle how bright and shiny you are, doesn’t make it wrong. So, why are we told this?

Because we’re different we’re made to feel like we’re wrong?

How off-putting is that? And how sad is it to think of how many people let others dim their light completely until there was nothing left burning in their soul to shine? It’s devastating actually.

If you have that burning inside of you, there is a REASON.

The world needs to see it. The world needs to be blinded by it. The world needs to be mesmerized by it. The world needs to see it as a reminder of how beautiful this life can be.

We have lived in a world where we must quiet down, stand up straight, and follow in line for so long that we started to lose sight of what makes PEOPLE so beautiful in the first place. And that is our pure uniqueness.

Here’s the really awesome part though… there is an awakening happening.

People are shining their “weirdness” brighter than ever right now.

People are stepping out of the boxes that we’ve been shoved in our whole lives and standing in the power of who we are.

Sure, it’s always happened but right now, it’s happening MORE than it has before.

It’s becoming much more acceptable for people to truly BE WHO THEY ARE and I don’t know about you, but that makes me REALLY HAPPY.

It makes my heart sing. It sets my soul on fire to see people doing their own thing. Living life on their own terms. Being who they were put on this planet to be, regardless of how much “out of the ordinary” it may be.

I spent most of my life feeling like I was “too much” and it’s actually a really terrible feeling. To feel like who you are in your core is wrong, or will always be too much for people to handle isn’t a great place to be.

I’m insanely grateful for the journey I’ve taken that has allowed me to LET IT SHINE. To realize that I am NOT everyone’s cup of tea, and that is okay. Because there are people out there in this world that NEED what I have to offer. They fuel off of it. They are woken up by it. They allow it to give them permission to do the same.

And THAT is a beautiful thing.

This may not make any sense to some of you. But I’d bet there are a few who feel this in their soul are like thinking to themselves “YESSSSSSS”! So if this reaches those few and makes you realized that you are not alone in this journey, then mission accomplished.

Now go shine in all of your glory, because the world needs to see YOU.

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