Basically, when I love you once, a part of me loves you forever. It’s like a piece of my heart has a string that’s attached to yours. No matter where you go or what you’re doing, it’s attached.

I used to think this was weird or wrong, like I was “hanging on to things” or focusing on “what might have been” but what I’ve grown to understand is it is the exact opposite.

It’s truly an energy exchange.

It’s a piece of my heart and soul that connected to another human being. And when I truly love you, like REALLY love you… I feel that connection frequently, sometimes for no apparent reason.

Music brings it up sometimes. Sometimes it’s a smell. Sometimes it’s just a totally random feeling. But when it happens, it’s strong and I have learned to simply smile and be grateful that I can be so connected. To be grateful that I have learned to be so grounded in who I am, in who I once was, and in everything I’ve shared with another individual that I can let it run through my veins.

Is this normal? Do other people experience this? Maybe I’m the only one. Either way, I feel extremely blessed to be able to feel it.

It’s exhilarating.
It breathes life into me.
It gives me hope for the human connection.
It reminds me how beautiful love is overall.
Sometimes it’s exhausting and sometimes, it’s even a little painful. Because not only do I randomly feel the connection and it makes me smile, but it also is the pain that they are hurting. And when someone who possesses a piece of who you are is hurting, even if they don’t know they possess it, you feel it too…even if it’s just a little bit.

Maybe it’s an exchange in energy. Maybe it’s when you allow someone else to peer into your soul and you into theirs. Maybe that’s really when the shift happens. Either way, it’s real. At least for me it is.

Honestly, it’s beautiful.

It’s comforting to me. I know that I have these people all over the place doing things, changing lives, saving people, building things, raising families, thriving, hurting, living, and somehow, I am connected to them and them to me.

When I love you deeply, I’m on your team always. I can’t help it. I just am.

I don’t say it aloud to many people because it probably makes me sounds crazy. BUT those I have, they get it. They don’t question it. They don’t think I’m pining for them, staying up all night hopelessly loving them while crying into a tub of ice cream because that is not at all what I’m talking about.

I’d like to believe that they don’t question it because they feel it too. They can FEEL the pure connection. No strings. No expectations. No obligations. No guilt. Just connection and energy.

Pure. That’s the word for it.

When you can love someone once and then move forward with your life and all the other shit strips away but the thin line of love and energy exchange still exists in its purest form, that is a beautiful, beautiful gift. End of story.

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