Yes, you have freedom. Yes, you have balance. Yes, you run your own business, Yippee!

But you guys… you don’t get to go enjoy them if you’re NOT DOING THE WORK, not if you want to keep them at least.

The work must come first.

I’m not saying it’s the most important thing… well, maybe I am.

What I am saying is that it needs to be done FIRST.

You don’t get to go gallivant around at the pool on a Monday afternoon claiming to have all of this freedom when your business isn’t handled.

I mean seriously, who are you trying to kid?
Or should I say, why are you LYING?

The lifestyle, the freedom, the balance is what most people are working towards but you don’t get to just pretend like you’re doing the work or fool yourself because you half assed all the things on your list so you could go out and play and then post pictures of it.

That’s not how this works.
Or at least it’s not how it should work.

Here’s the deal. I’m all about working smarter, not harder. I’m all about freedom and having time to jet set across the country whenever I damn well please and take the afternoons off to do whatever I want. BUT I CAN DO THAT BECAUSE MY WORK IS HANDLED FIRST.

Do you see what I’m getting at here?

You’re literally screwing yourself over in so many damn ways by doing the opposite.

Mindset – You’re telling yourself that it’s okay to not follow through which then validates that it’s okay in every area of your life and that causes more problems than we can even go into right now. Your mindset is an important key to everything in your life, so keeping it right is extremely important. Doing the work FIRST and making sure your house is in order before you go out and play allows you to be able to BE PRESENT in your activities and it allows you to feel relaxed and confident in the lifestyle you’re leading because IT’S ACTUALLY TRUE.
Work load- You’re literally setting yourself up for failure when you procrastinate like this. You’re automatically lining up a lot of endless nights at the laptop cranking out work because you blew it off all day. Whether you realize it or not, you are CREATING that chaos. Now sure, you may think it makes for great social media photos because, you know “your hustle game is so strong” when you snap a pic at 2am of you still “grinding” but in all reality, you’re only still working because you half assed everything last week and you’re now playing catch up… back to the mindset fuck here.

Crunch time – When you’re in a crunch, you’re basically cheating your clients and/or your audience. You’re rushing. You’re not providing the same quality you would if you were taking your time and putting your best quality into the task in front of you. Is that what you want to provide to your people? Half ass quality work? Probably not….

Also…. all those things listed above equal STRESS & CHAOS.
Is that afternoon at the pool worth it now?
What if you were proactive?

What if you got up at the time you were supposed to and cranked out your work like you planned to and then were done with everything by 1pm?
Oh, but that would take discipline and that’s not any fun…right?

You want this lifestyle you’re thinking about and pretending to live to last?

Then who knows, you might just have every afternoon by the pool enjoying life while you also have NOTHING hanging over your head because all your work is handled.

That is REAL HUSTLE. That is the type of GRIND you should be striving for. Interesting concept, right?

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