Yes, YOU.

Your time = money.
Your time = energy.

Time you could be spending making money.
Time you could spend working on yourself.
Time you could spend doing something you love.
Time you could spend making memories with your kids.
Time you could use to reconnect with your husband or wife.
But what do you do instead?
Tell everyone (including yourself) that you just don’t have enough TIME.

Yep. I’m calling you out and you’re full of shit.

There are a handful of things that most people are wasting time on daily. Maybe all of time, maybe only one of them, but either way you’re leaving money on the table by allowing this to suck up your time.
Curious what that hell I’m talking about? Well let me list them out for you.

Seeing someone else in your industry and wonder “how do they do that?”
Seeing someone who has a big smile and nice abs and wondering “Is that even real?”

You want to know if it’s true. You want to know it they are legit. You want to know what you’re doing wrong and why you’re not getting those same results.
So, you dive into their Facebook account. You look at their posts. You look at their photos and before you know it, you’re looking at pictures from 2010 and are in full on stalker mode.

Then you got to Google. You must know how they’re tripling their business, how are they doing it!?

There is your answer by the way. That is why you aren’t getting the results that they are. Because you just veered off your own path for 2 hours looking up someone you don’t even know. And for what? To try to validate yourself?
Well, you just lost a few hundred dollars and a few hours of sleep by going down that rabbit hole because you could have been using that time and energy on making your own money, crossing things off your own list, and completing today’s tasks. Not to mention the mindset fuck you just gave yourself, but that’s a whole different conversation…

You’re a professional. You know what you NEED to do. You might even know HOW to do it. But because you’re so good at what you do, you don’t want to ask for help. You feel silly. Or like it’s a waste of money. Or maybe even arrogantly think to yourself, ‘What can they REALLY do for me?”

So, you go through each day putting out fires. You have ideas, damn good ideas that never get your attention. And after a while the momentum you have for those ideas burns out and well, it’s just not there anymore. It’s like you lost it.

And nothing’s getting done. The balls are all falling out of the air and you feel like your head’s in clouds. Or like you’re standing in the middle of a busy intersection watching cars speed by, hoping none of them crash into each other.
But you’re a damn professional, right?

Right. Yes, you are. But, until you realize that the BEST people in every industry know that they need a coach or an assistant or a business manager, most of your ideas will not become reality. They will just be good ideas you had once and never acted on.

So, you ask yourself, how much money and potential are you leaving on the table because you didn’t just get the help you needed when you first realized you needed it?

We live in an amazing era. A day where everything you need to know is at your fingertips. There are guru’s around every corner, after every click and hell, there are 10 on your newsfeed right now telling you exactly what you “SHOULD” be doing to get more subscribers, or make $30k this month, or travel the world.
So, you click on the link. You opt in. You watch the webinar. You read the article. You watch the training video.
Then what do you do?

Do you buy their program and use it? Some of you do and good for you on taking action.
But most of you don’t. You just consume.
Then, you consume more, never actually doing anything with the content that you’re consuming.

Here’s the deal, there is a LOT of QUALITY content at your fingertips but it you are a professional at watching it and reading it but never actually DOING anything, then I hate to break it to you but you’re wasting your time.

I know, it’s easy to justify because, well you need knowledge, right?
Yes, yes you do. I educate myself every single day on my industry and on things that interest me. But the difference is, I take action first. I take action every single day and that is the part that 90% of people are missing. The action part.
Don’t become a professional consumer of content. Become an action taker or you’re wasting time.

4…. No wait. I’m going to stop here because, well… I don’t want to take up more of your time than I need to and I think you’re getting my point here.
It’s time to start being intentional with your time, people.
You want things?
You want to move forward with your ideas and create epic shit?
Time to stop thinking about it and start DOING.
Time to keep your EYES ON YOUR OWN LANE and do it.
Time to stop strictly consuming and start taking ACTION.

Start putting your time and energy where it’s going to move you forward and you’ll start seeing the shifts in your income, business, quality of life, and lack of fucking chaos within your day to day.

Stop comparing.
Ask for help.
Start doing.

Focus on that and pay attention to the changes that come your way.

Now, go get shit done.

Your Favorite Performance Coach

P.s. I am currently accepting new private clients. Ready to move forward with your ideas and create the vision you’re dreaming about? E-mail me now and let’s get to work.

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