There’s a lot of people in my community that say “I want to work with you. I need to work with you” but when it comes to making the financial investment, they just can’t. Like REALLY can’t.

And I get that. I totally do.

I know that thousands of dollars is a lot. I also know that it will change your life.
I know that thousands of dollars is a lot. I also know that not everyone is READY FOR THAT LEVEL OF COACHING YET.

THAT BEING SAID… what about less than $50 per month?

Those of you who want the change, try for the change, but need the support and aren’t sure about the big money investments or honestly just don’t have it right now, I’M TALKING TO YOU.

This is for YOU.

This is a stepping stone.
This is an entry point.
This is how you start when you’re not sure about starting but you know you need to do SOMETHING.

I’m not discounting my time, because I know my value and it IS worth thousands of dollars, this does not discount that. BUT for those of you who are truly held back by money, this is something that allows you to start, to get SOME SUPPORT that you need to move to the next level.

So, it’s time. Let’s do this.

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