Every morning I write. I write about the life I’m dreaming of. I write about what I’m creating. I write about what I want.

I let the words flow and sometimes it comes out as something too beautiful NOT to share…

So, here’s an excerpt. It’s raw. It’s my heart and soul exposed. It’s something I HAD to put out into the universe because maybe, just maybe… there is someone else who needs to hear it. ❤

“I am strong. I am ready to take this next step in life. Stepping forward out of the cement I’ve been planted in for years and finally standing on my own two feet with nothing at all holding me back is equally terrifying and exhilarating.

I believe this love is possible. I believe it exists. I am certain that it is on its way to me. The universe is always conspiring. Our eyes are opened when they’re supposed to be. I thought I was all in, I truly did. But then my eyes were opened. Everything happens when it’s meant to.

The path we take is paved with lessons, realizations, and life changing experiences. And I am eternally grateful. I find myself in uncharted territory and I’m excited. It’s like a breath of fresh air. It’s like the air I’ve been gasping for, I can now fully breathe into my lungs and I’m instantly more at peace. I’m instantly completely SURE that this is the next step. The fact that you can be so sure and so calm all while also being totally scared, is a strange feeling but it’s a feeling that reassures me that this is right.

Nothing good happens inside of your comfort zone. And while I am good at getting out of my comfort zone in business, I’ve had to learn to let myself lean that direction in the other areas of my life. By pushing my body to do things that I didn’t think it could physically do, I’ve learned more about myself. I’ve strengthened my mindset in a way I didn’t know was possible.

And now, by pushing myself out of my comfortable little cocoon in my personal life, I feel the resistance. I feel the urge to go back into my warm little hole. But I’m leaning into it and continuing to move forward because I know that if I don’t, that hole will be all I know. And I’m meant for more than that. I’m meant for extraordinary in all areas of life and will NOT settle.

Sometimes you must turn the page. It doesn’t mean you must burn the previous page or rip it out, you just must turn it. Because you deserve to fly.”

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for allowing me to share these things with you. Words cannot begin to describe how much all of you mean to me and what it means to be able to share these pieces of my soul with you ❤

Much love,


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