Did you know that every Thursday I host a live call for an amazing group of powerful women who are committed to creating the life they dream of?

Did you know that every Thursday I go live in that group and BARE MY SOUL to them?

I give them tips, ideas, challenges, objectives, and stories to motivate them, keep them moving in the right direction, and continue to grow and GET SHIT DONE?

These women are seriously fucking rockstars. They come from all walks of life.

We have a MLM champion who is a mother and wife and complete badass who is killing it in business and recently hired her first nanny so she can continue to grow her biz!

We have an Empowerment Coach who works with women on how to own who they are, recognize their power, and build their businesses on their terms.

We have an amazingly talented chef! Who not only runs a crazy kitchen team but also recently launched her own product business online and is killing it!

We have another MLM business owner who has taken clothing and used it to start a movement in her tribe of being empowered, owning your personal style and look and overall being a happier, better woman!

We have a branding expert and published author/editor who is literally changing the lives of so many business owners by teaching them how to build their branding platforms AND increasing their capacity at the same time.

We have a teacher who is striving to create a space for coaching other teachers and is not only impacting the lives of children, but also their parents and many other teachers in the process.

These women are champions.

These women are changing the world.

These women are mothers, some are not yet.

These women are wives and some are not yet.

These women are bosses.

These women are powerful.

These women struggle.

These women triumph.

I am truly humbled and honored to work with them in this space and be able to show up for them each week. It’s an amazing gift.

And we’re welcoming any NEW members who are looking for a space to call their own.

A space for growth, a space where it’s save to share your struggles, your questions, your wins!

A space for REAL. RAW. advice and truth.

A space where powerful women can ROAR and CRY and either way you’re 100% supported by women who think just like you.

If you’re looking for a space like that, Check us out and jump on in. We’ll welcome you with open arms and lots of real, raw truth.

Click here for more!

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