Raise your hand if you struggle with CONSISTENCY?!

Okay, you don’t have to raise your hand, I know that’s not something ANYONE wants to admit.

But here’s the thing… not being consistent IS the reason you’re not getting the results you want.

It is the reason you’re not where you want to be in business.

It is the reason your brand hasn’t grown as rapidly as you want.

It is the reason your body isn’t on point.

It is the reason you feel stuck.

It is the reason your team doesn’t perform the way you want them to.

Okay… I could go on and on here, but I think you get the point.

The point is, Consistency is a huge key ingredient in the recipe for success and creating the life you want.

So why is it so damn hard to create?

1- No one wants to talk about it, so we LIE.

2- We have no accountability.

So, because lying is super easy and not having someone to kick our ass into shape is obvious, we tend to fall off the “I’m going to stick to the plan” wagon only a few days into the plan…. therefore, never actually getting the result.

Here’s the deal. Consistency is my jam.
Accountability is my jam.
Truth is my jam.
Getting to the core of WHY you’re NOT consistent is my jam.
And sticking to a plan is MY JAM.

Last night I was flipping through my feed and counted over 10 posts about struggling with consistency… and I thought to myself “JAMIE, YOU SELFISH BITCH! HELP THESE PEOPLE”.

So that’s what I’m going to do…

But I need your help…

Below I’m going to go into detail about this program I’m creating. It’s going to cost less than $50. It’s going to be impactful as fuck and well worth about 7x more than I’m charging but here’s the deal, I don’t care… I’m doing it anyways because YOU NEED IT.

So here’s where I need your help… I need you to SHARE THIS post. I need you to tag someone in this post that you know could benefit from this. I need you to send this as a message to someone who you think NEEDS THIS.

AND I need you to be super honest with yourself for a minute…


If you’re not, click the link in the comments and let’s quit fucking around. We only have one life, so live it on your terms.

Here are the details:

Private Facebook group for support.

Weekly personal email check-ins with me to hold you to your shit.

Weekly check-in live call in the group.

Monthly planning session and guides.

Sounds simple, I know. But here’s the deal. There is just something about knowing that you have someone watching you, rooting for you, and standing in your corner supporting you that WILL push you to stick to your plan.

Cost is only $47 per month.

(You waste more than that on coffee and energy drinks)

For more info: http://www.jamiethurber.com/operation-do/

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