What do I want?

To receive as much love as I give.

To wake up before my alarm every morning feeling refreshed and excited.

To be filled with a message that the world is craving to hear and spread it every way I know how with creativity and passion and enthusiasm.

To have the freedom to follow my gut and the courage to always listen to my intuition. The courage to believe and have faith in the universe and the way things play out.

To have the freedom to go wherever my heart calls me to go, whenever I feel the need.

To always stand firmly planted in who I am, what I am, what I want, and SHINE, no matter the storm. I will stand and shine.

To have the people around me who light me up, who encourage me, to believe in me and who are themselves, firmly planted and shining.

To share this life with a man who loves it as much as I do.

To share this life with someone who sees things differently and wants to make them better.

To share this life with a man who is present, selfless, strong, conscious, able to handle and love the life that I have created.

To share, build and be partners with someone who is just as invested in creating a life that is extraordinary.

To work with amazing, strong willed, determined, driven individuals. To guide them and help them become better versions of themselves. To create the businesses they want. To create the relationships they want. To create the LIFE they want through designing and sculpting themselves into the person they need to be so they can show up and get all of those things.

To be the change I wish to see in this world every day.

To go to bed every night with my heart full, knowing that not only did I make a difference in someone’s life, but a difference was also made in mine.

To positively impact someone’s life.

To be unapologetically myself at all times.

To break people’s ideas of what is “supposed” to be the norm.

To shatter the boxes that we have been taught to see as the only option and show people that there is so much more to life than that.

To sit in a chair, on a big front porch, looking out over the yard filled with 100-year-old mossy Oaks swaying in the breeze.

To have someone hold my hand when I need it. To get hugged every day.

To be someone’s weakness.

To have someone love me so much they just can’t keep it to themselves, they have to sing it from the rooftops.

To be so connected with someone that I can look at them and they hear me without ever saying a word every time.

To be someone’s wife. To be that pillar in another human’s kingdom that they look to for their balance and to hold them up when they need it.

To be the best aunt in the world. To be so connected to my friends and family that they know that no matter where I am, our hearts are connected to each other.

To have adventure. To experience new things. To have moments of clarity alone. To have moments of clarity together. To have experiences alone. To share experiences with someone who loves me.

To physically feel amazing every day. To fill my body with good, clean nutrition. To condition my body to be prepared for anything.

To always feel comfortable in my own skin.

To condition my mind to be prepared for anything. To expand my knowledge every day. To learn about all the topics that interest me and make me a better person.

To write a book about the arena and the game.

To write a book about all the versions of love you can feel and experience at a deep level in one life.

To write a guide about how to take control of your life and your performance through taking control of your mind first.

To be healthy; mind, body, and soul. To feel so grounded that you can’t keep your feet on the ground.
Visit the reality you’re working to create and visit it regularly. Whether it’s through writing, visualizing, or talking about it… or all the above.



Get comfortable with it. Get intimate with it.
And Declare it to the Universe.

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