Sometimes our eyes are opened for us.
Sometimes we’re put into a situation, unexpectedly that changes our perspective and shifts our focus for a moment.
It reminds us of something we wanted, or loved or felt.
Maybe it’s something we pushed down, something we swept under the rug and convinced ourselves we didn’t need at all…simply because it was easier to tell ourselves the story that we didn’t need it instead of waking up every day feeling a void.
And we’re really good story tellers when we need to be (well, at least I am). So, we don’t even realize that we’re missing it in the first place.
Until that moment you let your guard down, even just a little bit and you let it start to trickle in…
Then you can’t ignore it anymore, it bursts open, the feelings rush over you and in that moment you remember fully what it is that you used to know so well, what it is you used to feel so frequently, what it is that at one time, made you feel alive.
And it’s in that moment you become flooded with that emotion and you wonder how you ever lived without it.
Or how/why you suppressed it in the first place.
But what happens when that moment passes?
When the moment is over and the feeling is gone….
It’s no longer present in the moment but the essence still lingers…
You have 2 choices…
You either push it back down and convince yourself you don’t need or want it at all. Then you go about your business like you’re totally fine, even though deep down you know you’re missing something…
You surrender… just let it flow all around you and then you figure out how to keep it.
Either way, the choice is yours and the real question is;
Are you really letting yourself have everything you truly desire?
Life is too short not to have it all.

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